Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hangover Prevention 101

Getting ready for NYE festivities? Well, here's what we're doing.  Blitzing up some "Good-For-You" green veggie juice, then crossing our fingers!
We put raw tomatoes, broccoli, celery, and baby spinach in the juicer, then finish with a squeeze of lime.  John put salt, ground black pepper and a dash of Frank's Red Hot in mm...sounds more like the makings of a delicious Bloody Mary, right?

Make sure to drink water, they (whoever "they" are) always say your body is fighting dehydration due to the alcohol, thus the big fat headache, however, alcohol consumption in mass quantities is what it is.

Cheers to everyone.  Be safe tonight and see you in 2012!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

RELAX...have a STEAK at Jak's Grill

The best part of Jak's Grill is leftovers the next day!!!
OK, there is so much going on in December, sometimes I just want to bury my head and disappear.  Best place to do this is Jak's Grill.  Not stuffy, not pretentious, just fun, Fun, FUN!!!  I love the dark atmosphere, even in the Summer, and I welcome all the noise.  Seating is mostly booths, so if you don't mind waiting a few minutes with one of their beers on draft or hand shaken cocktails, it's all worth it!

My husband and son always get the dry aged center cup New York with the garlic mashed potatoes.
As for me, I like the skewers served with the BAKER with THE WORKS.  The Skewers are a bargain at Jak's Grill, but don't be fooled. This brochette of New York & Filet pieces is seasoned with Moroccan spices and topped with Gorgonzola sauce, delicious!  If it sounds weird, ask for the sauce on the side.
I don't have a favorite dessert at Jak's Grill, but like most steak houses, a chocolate dessert and creme brulee are always available, so save some room and enjoy!
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The Best Tortilla EVER!

Lucky me, my husband is the BEST Tortilla maker EVER!!!   OK, traditionally, tortilla is topped with meat or fish (here's a tortilla recipe I've used before), so this version is a little different with the meat added in.
A few eggs, caramelized onions, leftover roasted potatoes, last night's steamed broccoli and Basque-style chorizo...YUMMY.


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