Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hot Seattle Day + Old School Frozen Custard = Oh Happy Day!!!

He ordered the flavor du jour: Almond Joy
I ordered the Vanilla...I LOVE VANILLA!

OK, then we traded...ha, ha, ha!

Hot days have been hard to come by this year, but when the sun is out, who doesn't want ice cream or FROZEN CUSTARD?  I recently bought an ice cream maker and I still love it, but I haven't tried to make frozen custard...yet.  Ice cream is CREAMY, but frozen custard is smooth and velvety...mmm.  Old School Frozen Custard has vanilla and chocolate everyday and a flavor of the day.  I pass by Old School Frozen Custard all the time, but I am always on my way to somewhere else.  Well, I have to say, I am glad I stopped.  The day I went in, a walking tour had stopped in for some frozen custard and took all the seats inside.  Happy to say, I would rather sit outside.  Check them out next time you are in Capitol Hill!
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Peak-of-Summer Berry Crisp...he bakes too!

 Finally, berries, Berries, BERRIES...EVERYWHERE!  This has been a horrible summer and I'm not gonna lie, fruits and veggies haven't been so great, even from the farmer's market.  How do you fix a bad berry?  Make a berry crisp! 
Berry crisp is so easy, I never use a recipe.  Well, as I've said before, HE loves a good recipe.  A few years ago, I chased down Tom Douglas at Costco and asked if he could sign a copy of his cookbook Tom Douglas' Seattle Kitchen and he did, so I gave it to John for his birthday.  OK, has he made anything out of it, yes, crab cakes.  Anything, until now.  The recipe for "Peak-of-Summer Berry Crisp" is perfect.   YUMMY!!!
Peak-of-Summer Berry Crisp with homemade vanilla ice cream
I usually mix sugar to berries and then top my crisp with a blend of brown sugar, cinnamon, butter and oats...never the same.  OK, the recipe in Tom Douglas' book  (page 220) starts with flour and sugar mixed into the berries first, then topped with a blend of oats, brown sugar, flour, cinnamon, and butter.  In the book, the crisp is made in a 9-inch pie pan, but HE made HIS version in an assortment of different sizes of ramekins.  YUMMY-YUM-YUM-YUM!!!

So, the good news is HE has made other recipes from the Tom Douglas cookbook.  I'll tell you about them later!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cupcake of the Month at Cupcake Royale

I said I was "OVER" cupcakes, only because they are everywhere.  The truth is, I love a good cupcake every now-and-then.  To be honest, my favorite flavor is probably vanilla with vanilla frosting and joke.  Well, thanks to the Strawberry Festival in Bellevue, the Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake was born.  This is a keeper!!!  It's so good.  You need to try it before it goes away, maybe forever...(sad).  I have actually been a fan of Cupcake Royale for a long time.  I've spent many Sunday mornings at Cafe Verite in Leschi and Cupcake Royale cupcakes have been there for as long as I remember.  There are quite a few other Cupcake Royales now and I frequent the super new one on Capitol Hill and the quirky one in Bellevue more and more these days.
Cupcake Royale Bellevue on Urbanspoon
OK, I like vanilla cupcakes, but with so many choices at Cupcake Royale, who wants vanilla? Not me.
I know there are many other cupcake options around, but give Cupcake Royale a try, it's the BEST!!!  Every Cupcake Royale shop is different and adorable in their own way and they all carry every flavor.
My favorite cupcakes are the Triple Threat, Royale with Cheese, Lemon Drop, Carrot Cake, Coconut Bunny...YUMMY!!!
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wake N' Bake Brownie Buzz at BluWater Bistro

No better place to people watch on Seafair weekend but BluWater Bistro Leschi.  Seriously, the dock by BluWater Bistro is so hysterical, so many sun burned drunks trying to get on and off boats.  I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

Well, we were looking for "American" food for dinner.  Only a few came to mind...  It had been awhile, but we thought, BluWater Bistro. Why not?  OK, during Seafair, BluWater Bistro Leschi runs a limited menu, but I didn't care.  The Blu Bistro Mojito was just what I needed to quench my thirst...I started with the Wild Seasonal Greens salad, then had the Margherita Pizza.  I'm trying to watch what I eat, so desserts are on the back burner.  Well, I did take one bite.  The Wake N' Bake Brownie Buzz,

With a warm fudge brownie, chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings, cocoa powder and chocolate covered espresso beans. A Wonderful Buzz! 7.25

I have to say, it's been awhile since I've been to any of the BluWater Bistros, I use to go to the BluWater on Lake Union all the time for the burgers...yum.  I guess if you're looking for "American" food, BluWater Bistro is a good choice.  If you go to the one on Leschi, it's more a neighborhood hangout.  A lot of loud, big groups.  The food is fine, but next time, I'll go to Lake Union.
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

He Cooks! Kofta Kabobs

So, I am doing fine on my fitness program.  Friday, I did an upper body strength training routine, then did a 20 minute hill climb on the treadmill.  My husband and I have been trying to get over to Mount Si for a hike ever since we hiked Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, AZ.  I thought I should get ready for it, whenever we go.

Anyways, after my workout, I had exactly 12 raw almonds, a cup of fresh strawberries and a handful of blueberries.  I skipped coffee or tea and just went for iced water all day.  For lunch, I had 1/3 of a black and blue salad.  I could have eaten the whole thing, with bread and butter, but I thought I should stop eating when I was full.  (don't roll your eyes!!!)

 Best part of the day was when I found out John was making dinner...yes people, HE COOKS!!!

He roasted a whole garlic bulb and served it with basmati rice which he steamed with a little, salt, olive oil, fresh parsley, dill and scallion.
He also grilled zucchini, patty pan squash and summer squash.
The main entree was KOFTA KEBAB with yogurt sauce...yummy!
We've made this before, but this time John made the kebabs with a blend of both lamb and beef.

Kofta Kabobs
2 - 2.5 pounds of meat
(John used lamb & beef, but we've used ground turkey before)

4 stems of curly parsley, chopped fine
1 small yellow onion, shredded fine
2-3 cloves garlic, minced
1 tsp. ground black pepper
1 tsp. ground cumin
1/2 tsp. ground coriander
chili flakes, pinch (optional)

Put all ingredients in a large bowl and blend by hand.  When all the ingredients are blended together, set aside for 20 minutes to rest and marinate.  After 20 minutes, form the meat around long skewers, into long 1.5" to 2" logs.  Cook over charcoal grill.  Enjoy!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fitness Goal: Week 2 Day 4

So I added a fitness challenge on for the next 2 weeks: ROW and/or RUN for 40 minutes 5 times a week for 2 weeks.

Pre-workout: Green Tea

Exercise: RUN 30 minutes/ ROW 10 minutes

Breakfast: (1) egg/ 1 cup strawberries/ mint tea

Lunch: WARNING CLIENT LUNCH...Ceasar Salad with prawns/ (1) bite filet/ (1) bite crab cake/ 1/4 stuffed chicken breast/ (1) slice bread with butter/ pomegranate lemonade/ water/ (2) bites creme brule/ berries

Dinner: lychee mojito/ water/ (3) pork dumplings/ sauteed spinach/ sweet and sour soup/ spicy noodles/ red bean sweet bun

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fitness Goal: Week 2 Day 3

Exercise: Clean the house and Laundry (does this count?)

Brunch: Spanish rice/ beef fajita/ coffee

Lunch: salad with prawns/ water

Networking Event: oysters on the half shell/ rum and diet coke/ pita chip with 1 T artichoke crab dip/ chicken sate/ water - side note - these events kill me.  I just feel like I need to try everything.  Job Hazard.

Dinner: Spanish Rice/ Turkey/ sparkling water/ frozen fruit bar

Fitness Goal: Week 2 Day 2

Exercise: Arm workout/ 5 minutes ROW/ 30 minutes BIKE/ steam

Breakfast: 12 raw almonds/ 1/2 cup raspberries/ water

Lunch: Mixed Vegetable with tofu and oystersauce/ 1/2 portion brown rice/3 bites phad thai/ crab rangoon/

Over the weekend, I bought squash blossoms at the Farmer's Market.  I wanted to try and make the sme appetizer I enjoyed at Mesa Grill with my cousin Melissa, her husband Toby, and my son Tyler.  I think I did it!  Unfortunately, this appetizer is not low fat.  However, I spent 2 hour in the kitchen making the appetizer and dinner, I wasn't going to go without trying.  I ask myself, is it possible to love to cook, work in the restaurant business, and lose weight?  I don't know.

Dinner:  Fried Squash Blossoms stuffed with ricotta, cotija, and roasted corn with roaste red pepper sauce/ roasted turkey/ mashed potatoes/ gravy/ stuffing/ wine/ 2 Panda cookies

Monday, August 1, 2011

Fitness Goal: Week 2 Day 1

I had nothing to report for the last 2 days of my first week.  I went running for 45 minutes on day 6 and on day 7, I was on the bike for 20 minutes, then the treadmill for 25.  I was feeling sick on day 7 - I think food poisoning, but I can't be sure.
Breakfast: (14) raw almonds/ Kashi instant oatmeal/ 1 cup fresh blueberries/ water  
Lunch:  grilled chicken sandwich/ water

Dinner: marinted beef tenderloin/ pinto beans/ mexican rice/ guacamole/ grilled peppers/ tortilla chips/salsa/ beer/ sprite/ Fresh Berry Crumble with vanilla bean ice cream

No exercise today


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