Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Pumpkin Bomb Season!!!


Last year when I was visiting my son, cousin Melissa and Toby, in Arizona, I found a great drink recipe for a Fun Fall drink...Pumpkin Bomb. 

So easy and delicious!
Here's what you need to do:
Rim a COLD pint glass with a mix of sugar, cinnamon and ground clove
Pour Pumpkin Beer in glass
Add 1 shot of Goldschlager

Sip, Slurp & Enjoy!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Skillet Diner, Seattle, WA

OK, not the place to go if you're on a diet.  I'm always on a diet, but not today.  I ordered the Fried Chicken Sandwich ($12.00) with salad or fries, but I substitued Poutine, that's fries with gravy, cheddar and herbs and costs a little more ($3.00).  BTW...worth every penny!!!

On a sunny day, the Alison Road was a perfect cocktail choice.  However, they also have hard cider on draft, very few places have CIDER ON DRAFT. 

Sip, slurp...delicious.  I have to say, you might have to wait to get a seat here.  Big groups, not a good idea.  A spot for 2, no problem.  Place to bring kids, not really.  I'm a parent, but I wouldn't bring anyone under the age of 16 here.  Seriously, what would they eat.  Get a sitter and enjoy the experience.  Not sure why parents think all "casual" places are "Kid Appropriate".  Just sayin'.
OK, if you want a healthier choice than my fried chicken with poutine, there are several items on the menu.  Caesar with Kale, fried chicken is optional.  Ha, ha.
Dessert is a MUST.  My choice, Fried Waffle & Bacon Caramel Sundae.  I know EVERYONE is putting bacon on everything, trust me, you will be sorry if you skip on this BACON dessert.
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Remo Boracchini's Bakery

October is very busy, Busy, BUSY, but I always have time for my little treats.  One of my Fall favorites are CANNOLIs and ECLAIRs from Borracchini's Bakery

If you haven't been to Borrachini's Bakery, or it's been awhile since your last visit, check them out.  By the way, you will need their services during the upcoming holidays.  Pies, Cookies, Celebration Cakes...YUMMY.
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