Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Covey Run 5k/10k

So what started as a (kinda) joke, ended up happening.

I went to the gym one morning and saw the flyer for the Covey Run 5k/10k. I brought the flyer to work and my gm said, "Let's do it!!!"

OK, I don't run...seriously. In addition, I eat...A LOT. I started asking other people at work and I was surprised at the number of people who were interested. I was also surprised that most people were going to run the 5k, not walk AND many people wanted to do the 10k also. So awesome. YIKES.

Well, I don't run...EVER! I go to the gym, but I do everything but run. I started running a little on the treadmill a few times and ran outside on some trails twice, running some and walking some. The day before the race, I did the stepmill for a half hour and rowing machine for 15 minutes. The morning of the run, I'll just have to go for it!

Today, Team Sizzle and I did it!!! Go Team Sizzle!!!
A little background about my work, I work in a steak house. That's right we eat steak and can still run our asses off. I think this was a great experience. Talking about the run weeks before the race made the days go much faster. Some people who were going to do the 5k switched to the 10k and everyone was running, not walking.

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