Monday, December 6, 2010

Eastside Eats: Goldberg's Famous Deli

When I eat at a place with the word "deli" in it, I always have a pop (soda - for those of you who do not live in the Northwest)!  However, if it is a cocktail you fancy, there is a full bar at Goldberg's.

I can't think of a better appetizer than the CHOPPED CHICKEN LIVER...yummmmmy!
OK, I can hardly wait for the pickles to arrive...seriously.  Some are salty, some are sour, and I can never remember which is which when the pickles arrive. 
Home Cooking, Home cooking, Home Cooking!  If you are looking for comfort food this winter, GO TO Goldberg's!!!  My husband ordered the Stuffed Cabbage Rolls.  If you like the contrast of salty with a little sour, this is perfect.  The meat is perfectly seasoned, the cabbage is steamed perfectly and the sauce is just a little sour, but compliments the entree and the mashed potatoes.I ordered the Chicken Pot Pie.  OK, for any of you who use to go to Fredrick and Nelson's in downtown Seattle when you were a kid, you'll know...nothing beats their Chicken Pot Pie.  A close second would be the Chicken Pot Pie that they had at Nordstrom downtown, when the cafe was in the Brass plum...remember those?  YUMMY.
Anyway, this was not Chicken Pot Pie, rather chicken stew with a puff pastry garnish.  I'm not complaining, the chicken "not" pot pie was tasty. I am not a fan of carrots, so I thought "there are way too many carrots in this".  Personal problem.  I have to admit, I have used puff pastry for my chicken pot pie, which is actually Tyler Florence's pot pie, before, but I put the filling in a large ramekin and covered the top completely, so it appeared to look like a pie.

OK, this wasn't bad at all, just not what I expected.  To be honest, I ALWAYS order
 sandwiches or the lox platter at Goldberg's and I am ALWAYS satisfied and HAPPY!!!  By the way if you want a great latke, Goldberg's has the BEST.  You can get them to go!

Stop in and see them...YUMMY!!!
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