Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Stuff: Lunchbox Laboratory,Bellevue

After a long, long wait, Lunchbox Laboratory finally opened in Bellevue.  I attended the Grand Opening VIP Party benefiting Hopelink.  Thank You Lunchbox Laboratory for supporting such a great organization.

After a quick tour of the place, the eating began.  One of the Appetizers available at Lunchbox Laboratory - The Rinds of Life: Fresh pork rinds served with tapatio dipping sauce and ranch dressing.  These "chicharrones" come warm  and crunchy!

Nutella and Oreo (in back) Hand-Dipped Shakes greeted us at the door.  I've since gone back to Lunchbox Laboratory and ordered the shake to-go.  I would rather have a fun cocktail or draft beer with my burger.

Sweet Potato Fries, a better choice over the regular fries, for me or you can get tater tots with your burger.
Not in the mood for a burger?  Order a Dogstick!  "Mini all-beef corndogs dipped in a sweet white corn batter with original corndog ketchup and black pepper mustardaise".  

 OK, so I tasted EVERY burger on the night of the opening, but I since went back when my son was home form college...Go Cougs!!!
He ordered the Tear Jerker – Super-beef patty, pepperjack cheese, lunchbox onions, jalapenos, habanero mayo, Satan’s-tears ketchup. Ever wonder what it’s like when your mouth cries? Now you’ll know.   $13.99 with a side of tater tots.  I had tasted this before, quite good, spicy, but not too much.  He also got the Nutella Milkshake.

I ordered the Native New Yorker – Super-beef patty, Montereyjack cheese, lunchbox onions, buffalo ketchup, ranch.   $13.99 with a side of skinny fries (not a fan- I should've paid extra for the mac n cheese).  Why not go for one of the other "designer" burgers? I didn't feel like it.  That is the beauty of Lunchbox Laboratory, you can get a plain old burger if you want.  I also ordered the Milkshake of the day, Birthday Cake, to go.

The Husband ordered the DORK...HA, HA.  Seriously, we did not try the DORK at the opening, but we looked forward to coming back to check it out.  Dork – House blended duck & pork patty, Monterey jack cheese, lunchbox onions, garlic mayo.   $14.99 with sweet potato fries - THE WINNER!!!  When I come back, I am ordering the DORK.  The patty was juicy and delishy!!!

Cocktails made with TANG!!!
Lunchbox Laboratory on Urbanspoon
I had the Tang-O-Rita – Sauza Gold, Triple sec,  Fresh Muddled Limes, Tang & Sour.   $6   (w/ Patron: $12) and my sister had the
Toxic Tang – Malibu Coconut , Midori, Cruzan 151, Tang & KOW.   $6.  Tang was a funny touch, but I ordered the Tang-O-Rita on my next visit...mmmmm.  Reminded me of my childhood, with a kick!

I'll be back!
Partly Cloudy – Cruzan Blackstrap Rum, Fresh Muddled Limes & Ginger Ale.

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