Saturday, July 17, 2010

Eastside Eats: Earls Restaurant and Bar, Bellevue

Well, once you get past all the hostesses at the door, Earl's isn't bad. The decor is retro-ish in a uber-modern way. We tried eating at Earl's once before, but were under-impressed with the menu. We politely said, "We were meeting people, but are at the wrong place". Lame, I know.

OK, OK, we came back. The food isn't bad. The service needs a little help.
To Start: Leroy's Crispy Dry Ribs
These are awesome. Seriously. Salty, tender, I could eat a platter of these.
Hickory Back Ribs & Cajun Chicken
served with warm potato salad and cole slaw
Interesting. Not authentic, but good.
Steak & Frites
Good, Steak fine, fries ok.
One Pound Wings
Hate to say it but these wings are REALLY good. All you need is a side of napkins a a cold beer. Order 2 of these, people at the table will want to try one, then you'll have less for yourself.
Dessert: Chocolate Sticky Toffee Pudding
Do not leave Earl's without trying this sweet mess.

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