Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eastside Eats: Forecasters Public House at Redhook Brewery

Finally, a perfect day for a COLD Beer.

The sun is back, so what do we do in the Northwest...EAT OUTSIDE!!!

For some reason, summer has come very late. June was drizzle, drizzle, brrrrr. Seriously.

If you find yourself in Woodinville wine tasting, cycling, or just hangin o'ut and you want a bite in a casual setting, go to Redhook Brewery.

The relaxed dining room is great, but the patio is awesome.
I thought I wanted a burger, but one HUGE downfall about Redhook Brewery, no french fries on the menu. I will only mention this once, but if I'm going to eat a burger or brat with a beer, I am going all the way and eating fries too. OK, no fries. Big problem.

OK, so this sexy, cold blond helped me calm down about the french fries situation. I don't care what the rest of the world says, but "Washington Microbrews ROCK-a-roni!!!"
We may not have started the whole microbrew craze, but we put it on the map.
So many choices, what to do, what to do.

We started with the hummus plate. What do you expect, I would've had hot wings, fries.

So I split a brat with my husband. The brat came with a Caesar salad...WHAT???

The brat was good, would've been better.

We got a side of Tim's Potato Chips. Kinda like fries.

OK, the patio and a cold beverage was all I really wanted out of this experience, so I'm happy.

I'll be back, only on a sunny day.

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