Friday, April 15, 2011

LUC: I wish you made house calls!!!

Pear and Potato Soup...mmm!

 Sadly, I am having a sick day, morning anyway...  The flu, finally caught me.  I visited my son at school last weekend and he was feeling sick.  I went to a party at his frat, that's right (details later), and a few of his frat brothers were sick too.  I heard from one of the other moms and she was sick.  John took a sick day yesterday, yikes, now I am feeling BLAAAAH. 

You know all I want is soup.  I have water bottles, but my cupboards are bare.  Please LUC bring me SOUP!!!  The food at LUC is so good.  Perfect any day, but their soups...YUMMY!

I ordered both the Cookie Plate AND the Jellies.  No reason to pick just one dessert, n'est pas?
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