Sunday, September 4, 2011

Brasserie Montmartre, Portland, OR

I know the Portland Food Carts are the big rage, however, if you have time to sit, drink, and eat, go to Brasserie Montmartre. It's been a few years since I have been to Portland and the last time I spent all my time in the Pearl District, which I still love.  Well, I had passed by Brasserie Montmartre on my last visit, wanted to go in, but I had spent the whole day going in-and-out of so many food places, I couldn't put one more crumb in my mouth.
So, the last time I was in Portland, it was November, drizzly and cold.  I spent the days in-and-out of cafes and shops, in between walking in the rain.  On this past visit, the weather was GORGEOUS. 80 degrees in the summer!  To be honest, I had intended to go check out the food carts, but my 5-inch heels got in the way of all the walking.  Well, what a wonderful surprise to see Brasserie Montmartre off on a side street and outdoor seating...aaaah!  Another plus on this particular HOT day, Le Boissons include many COLD beers on draught, a full bar, many French wines by the glass and several very interesting cocktails.

Sandwich: Jamon Beurre with salad
Brasserie Montmartre is casual, funky, and attracts many different people.  I've been to Montmartre in Paris, and Brasserie Montmartre didn't quite bring me back, but it is a nice mix of French and American.  I mean, I was in Portland, n'est pas?

The offering for lunch, Le Dejeuner, is FANTASTIQUE.  So many options I took forever to choose.  As husband sipped his cold glass of rose, he quickly decided on the Jamon Beurre, sandwich, with a house salad, he could have had frites with his sandwich, but knew I'd probably order frites and he could steal a few from me.  OK, the Jamon Beurre ($8.00), ham, brie, mustard, arugula on a baguette...delicieux!
The Jamon Beurre, a little Paris and a little Portland

OK, moving on to Les Frites!!!  All the frites are served with garlic aioli.  I chose the pork belly & tarragon frites...yum.  I was sipping a Deschutes Twilight, blond ale.  Perfect pairing with the hot, crisp, salty frites.

Brasserie Montmartre on Urbanspoon

I also ordered the French Onion Soup. Brioche crouton, Gruyere cheese, oozing over caramelized onions and rich broth...tres bien.

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