Sunday, September 5, 2010

Agua Verde

OK, what do you do on a beautiful sunny weekend day in Seattle after going on a run and you're starving? Go to Agua Verde Cafe Paddle Club!! If you're lucky you won't stand in line too long. If you are uber-Lucky, you'll find a table. Cross your fingers and go for it. It's worth it. You need to place your order as you enter. Pay, grab your drinks and take your little plastic gourd, which tells the server where to deliver your food. Start with some chips and a trip to the salsa bar.

John ordered the Huevos Rancheros: Crispy fried corn tostadas topped with black beans, cheddar jack cheese, two eggs, Mexican salsa and fresh avocados with grilled red potatoes.
John & I met in San Diego and he use to eat huevos rancheros all the time. Is he critical? Yes, at first, then after the first bite. Memories of the "authentic" huevos rancheros came flooding in. I could tell by his face, he just tasted perfection!

Chilaquiles where have you been all my life? OK, I've had chilaquiles before, but these are YUM. I feel like the last few times I'd had chilaquiles, they were just made and didn't have time to blend all the flavors. Chilaquiles are kind of like a Mexican lasagna, layers of fried tortillas, choice of guajillo rojo or tomatillo verde sauce, sour cream , queso fresco, and fresh chopped onions with two eggs any style and refried beans. Is your mouth watering or what???!!

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