Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ciccetti Kitchen & Bar

Adorable so far...

Cocktails are good and Proseco is served by the glass!

OK, I'm not a pickle person and these pickles are sooooo sour.

My husband loved them.

Pizza Margherita and an order of the Greek style fries and feta yogurt.

Good start.

Must have been our lucky day... We didn't order the Pizza Margherita, we ordered the pizza du jour. They delivered the wrong pizza, let us keep it, and then delivered the right pizza. YUMMY!

Peppers stuffed with salt cod. To be honest, I was really enjoying the beautiful patio and people watching that I don't remember if I liked the pepper dish or not. I want to say, "I liked it!"

Pork Belly, fig jam, and polenta cake...GET OUT! This was so good, I wished I had ordered this first. I was getting a little full, so I didn't gobble this whole thing up. Delicious!

OK, another, "I wish I had ordered this first!!!" Lamb Ravioli, yogurt, mint and brown butter...nuf said.

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