Friday, June 10, 2011

Fabulous Snacks at Chez Garcia

On occasion, or rather snowstorm - when we lose power, my family & I have checked into Chez Garcia, or Tita Lily & Uncle Jorge's home, and we get to nibble on so many yummy treats.

Scotch Eggs
There are people in life who you just can't thank enough.  My Tita Lily and Uncle Jorge are those people.  I was their flower girl in their wedding, may decade ago.  Also, they, along with my little cousin Melissa, drove with my family to bring me back to University of San Diego my sophomore year in college; the year I discovered the chicken little from KFC (tell you later). 

I have to say we all have very different interests in life, but we all connect when it comes to FOOD!!!  We love it!

Missy with her husband Toby - both FOODIES!!!
My aunt, Tita Lily, is by far the best cook, after her mother, my grandmother, in her family.  She makes the best egg rolls, lumpia, fresh lumpia, and holiday cookies and more...BEST ON EARTH!  When her daughter, my cousin Melissa, was little, she was so picky, thus the chicken littles!!!  On our road trip from Seattle back to San Diego, Melissa would NOT EAT, unless it was a chicken little from KFC.  KFC doesn't make those anymore, but they did make way to the modern day "slider".  For years I thought "sad that Melissa is so picky, her mom's such an awesome cook".  Many years later at a fundraiser in Belltown, where Melissa and I drank too many martinis and bid on way too many crazy things, did I realize, WOW, she's not that picky, chicken little eating little toddler anymore.
Tita Lily's Lumpia Shanghai

I have to say I really enjoy eating adventures with Melissa, it has been a pleasure sipping good wine with delicate spoonfuls of marrow and trying creative cocktails with a perfectly seared foie gras AND desserts, don't get me started.  I look forward to many more eating adventures with her and her husband Toby.

OK, so I am forgetting my Uncle Jorge.  My uncle is very scientific and very precise about food and EVERYTHING.  I love that he REALLY researches the "who, what, where and when" about food he is interested in.  There are many food items my uncle has perfected and spent endless hours, days, weeks, pounds of flour, dozens and dozens of eggs, pounds of chicken wings, and countless other pantry items and bottles of wine (for the sake of research), and we thank him!

One year Uncle Jorge introduced us to Scotch Eggs. We love them and thanks to Uncle Jorge, we get to have the best version ever made on earth!!! My son loves them so much that when he came home from college for the Holidays, he said, "I love Scotch Eggs, I know Uncle Jorge makes them since they're my favorite!"
Tyler, Uncle Jorge (in deep thought before Melissa's Wedding) and Tita Lily on the way to
Melissa and Toby's Wedding Ceremony

It has been many years since I was the flower girl at Tita Lily and Uncle Jorge's wedding, but since then, I got married and Melissa was my only Junior Bridesmaid, Melissa got married recently and both Tyler & I were so honored to be part of the wedding party.  
So, CHEERS to Health, Happiness and continued GOOD food!

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