Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finally snuck over to LONG Provincial Vietnamese and Jelly Bar

I love checking out new places AS SOON AS THEY OPEN...however, if I already have a similar favorite, I just feel like I am cheating.  I don't know what took me so long to go to LONG Provincial Vietnamese Restaurant and Jelly Bar.  Well, I love Tamarind Tree.  I know they are related, but still. 

Decor, nice.  I didn't get the jelly fish tank in the middle of the room, until I realized the Bar was called Jelly Bar, get it?  They sat us in the Jelly Bar, event though there were only  few people in the restaurant.  The bartender was busy on his laptop and the server was not too attentive, better service at Tamarind Tree. 

 I had the Long Provincial Noodles, grilled pork and chicken, dried spring roll, grilled shrimp on sugar cane served on vermicelli rice noddles, peanuts, veggies and a mixed herb fish sauce, perfect combination of flavors.  YUMMY!

I might go back if I'm in the neighborhood, but I prefer the International District when I crave anything Asian.  You be the judge.

Pho, a safe and delicious choice
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