Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Get JUICED...Evolution Fresh

Photobucket New Starbucks concept, Evolution Fresh. Their first shop opened in Downtown Bellevue, not long ago. The first day the place was packed, next day, packed in the morning and at lunch. Next day... Ok, word probably got out THE PLACE AIN'T CHEAP!!!! I bought a BerryBeet Smoothie for $6.99. Surprisingly enough, it tasted like a big beet. I posted in outrage on my Facebook page that this non-life changing drink was not worth it. HOLD ON...I have a juicer, but who has the time? By the time you have gone to the store paid a higher price for "organic" fruits and veggies, shoved everything through the juicer, then cleaned the mess you made...ugh. Evolution Fresh all of a sudden is your favorite juice bar!!! Healthy, easy and convenient!!! Evolution Fresh...I'm a fan!
Evolution Fresh Juice Bar on Urbanspoon

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  1. I really hope one of these opens up near me...I would love to immerse myself in healthy delicious (albeit expensive) juice!



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