Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sweet Treats on our walk: Crumble & Flake

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos So I'm probably the last person to finally try the yummy treats at Crumble & Flake. I have to admit, I didn't feel like standing in line for a croissant, only to find out they have run out. Besides, I'd like to decide on my own if something is truly worth the wait. I had read a few articles and ran across Facebook posts raving about Crumble & Flake. Well, the rumor are true!!! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Every crumb and flake I devoured was delicious. John got the Pistachio Croissant and I ordered the Goat Cheese and Fig, both delicious. One bummer is there is no seating, however, right outside is a Parklette. No kidding! There is a little deck that has a few plants and a little place to stand and enjoy the view. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos So, as long as I won't need to stand in line, too long, I'll be back.

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  1. Hi Gracie !!! I finally found you and all it took (since my memory is horrific and I could not recall your last name.....but think I recall your bday is 1/21 or 1/20th :) is me finally going back through emails to find the holiday card exchange info. Honest to goodness, it is like I had to be a detective because jotting down your name after our wonderful Mamnoon IFBC Urbanspoon dinner would have been too challenging !! But seriously, I had to reach out to you and thank you for again making that dinner so special for Nana and I - are for taking such amazing care of us. The restaurant was over the top cool but your wonderful energy, great personality and efforts to make all of the visiting bloggers so comfortable really put the whole experience over the top. A million thanks. And now that I have finally found your blog again I will look forward to checking in on your posts !! Not to mention that I will be specifically thinking of you (and your hubby who had my back !!!) each time and I am running late or for some reason not able to post. Oh, the shame of it all. I pulled off a pot roast that had to marinate overnight by doing it Thursday night just so I would not have to worry about looking bad in Seattle :) Kidding but still LOL. Also, still not tweeting but I finally signed up for Facebook yesterday- specifically to keep in touch with the Doristas. Better late than never. Thanks again for being so awesome. And next time I am hitting Crumble and Flake for that pistachio croissant.......



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