Sunday, April 11, 2010

Good Morning Sayulita!

We abandoned our watches, turned off our phones, stayed up late and partied with Patron. Who cares, we're on vacation and couldn't wait to sleep in...


Everyday, 1 second before sunrise, the Mexican Alarm clock CROWS!
Teenage boys awake for breakfast? Never happens at home, however, when you are living in a an open air casa in Sayulita, the ROOSTERS alarm clock will not allow sleeping in! After our first early wake up call, we understood why the stores close between 2 to 4 pm...SIESTA.

You better try to get some sleep in the middle of the day, because there will be NO SLEEPING IN.

I stopped in the little store across the street and picked up eggs and cheese, also some fresh tortillas and salsa from the tortilla place around the corner.

I took advantage of the early wake up and enjoyed either making breakfast at Casa Redonda or one of the great breakfast places in town.

A great place for people watching and right in the plaza on Revolution Ave, El Espresso was a favorite breakfast place for us. We stopped in to check email and the weather (as usual), but the wi-fi was all jammed up...oh well. On to breakfast. Waffles and "natural" pancakes were on the menu. John ordered the "natural" pancakes, which were whole wheat and so puffy.

Huevos Divorciado at El Espresso

I went straight for the Huevos Divorciado. Isn't that a funny name? This yummy plate had 2 fried eggs on tortillas, one covered with a green sauce and the other smothered with a roasted pepper, red sauce. YUM!

So, at the end of the day, we love all the chickens in Sayulita, expecially the hens!

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  1. Gracie, I live in Puerto Vallarta and am loving the calm after the "storm" of folks on Easter holiday. I am glad you are enjoying Sayulita. Another town where there are more roosters than people is San Sebastian, up in the mountains. You might enjoy a day trip up there. It is beautiful. Have fun! lola



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