Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tartare de Boeuf at Campagne...tres bien.

Still the hot spot, Campagne continues to deliver. Late Friday night, Chef Daisley was sitting comfortably in the bar at Campagne. Even without a reservation, John and I were able to get a great table in the dining room. To be honest, we started spending more time Cafe Campagne...less stuffy. However, I don't know why I ever thought Campagne was stuffy.

Campagne doesn't remind me of any places in Paris, but I do think it is a cozy and romantic place to eat. I love the small tables, I love that everything is dim, I love that every table is a good table.
If you are in Campagne, the tartare de boeuf is a must.
I had the lobster salad as my entree. When the lobster salad arrived, I couldn't wait to take a bite - thus , no picture. Perfect blend of flavors with a very clear presence of LOBSTER.
John got the duck breast with sauteed greens and a cauliflower puree. OH MY GOD!!!
Seasoned perfectly and seared just enough to hold in all the juices. MMMMM!
We finished off with these little chocolate truffles, well, after we had Gateau Opera. There are a lot of layers in Gateau Opera (Opera Cake), so I like to savor every layer of ganache, buttercream, genoise...YUM.

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