Sunday, April 18, 2010

Post Workout Breakfast at Splash, Bellevue Club

After a great workout, the last thing I want is a Bloody Mary...I laughed when I saw "Build Your Own Bloody Mary" advertised at the Bellevue Club Splash Cafe. Different strokes, I guess.
OK, I didn't order this, John did, and he tends to be healthier than I at breakfast. To be honest, I was shocked that he strayed from his usual plain yogurt, fruit and granola.

Egg whites, chicken sausage and a grilled tomato. He said it was good.

That's what I'm talkin' about, Ham and Gruyere omelet with the evil breakfast potatoes!
I just figure, I worked out, I deserve it. I could have sat on my ass all morning and then ate this...could have been worse, right?
mmmmm...the big chunks of ham and oozing gruyere. I should probably do more cardio after this, but no. I'll just savor the flavor.

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