Friday, April 9, 2010

Snacks in Sayulita, Mexico

After a long flight followed by a 45 minute taxi ride, we finally arrived in Sayulita. My son and his friend, Grady, followed their nose to the best smelling restaurant they could find! I wasn't in the mood for a taco or burrito, but apparently, I missed "the best burrito, EVER!"

Sayulita is just north of Puerta Vallarta. Unlike Puerta Vallarta, you don't feel like your getting hustled all the time. No high rise condos, no Walmart or Costco, no vendors in your face, no children begging, no over advertised watering holes that were popular in the 80's. Sorry Hussongs and Senor Frogs.
Sayulita is a small surfer beach town, everything is close to the beach. Polish up on your Spanish before coming down, especially numbers, so you know how much to pay for your purchases. Many of the vendors speak English, but the smaller stores won't be able to help you.
I the middle of the plaza, on Revolution Ave, Chocobanana was staring me in the face and calling my name. My husband however, was not interested in a sweet snack.
Ha, ha...I don't care what anyone says! When it's 80 degrees outside, a frozen banana dipped in chocolate and sprinkles...YUM. OK, if you have to be healthy, your can get nuts or granola instead of sprinkles, but WHY?

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