Thursday, November 10, 2011

Late Afternoon Sweet Treat...Cake Pops - Starbucks

I always hear about the migration of office workers leaving their desks around 3 pm to get a little caffeine pick-me-up.  I never got it.  However, I was passing a Starbucks, in Bellevue Square, the other day and saw ADULTS walking out with their coffee and CAKE POPS!!!      

Duh...of course I went in to get one for myself.  Fortunately, the line wasn't too long, otherwise I would've skipped it.  OK, there were 3 flavors, but I didn't want to HAVE TO eat all three.
The vanilla cake was ok. Moist.
The S'More cake pop is ok too.  Moist and a little more flavor.  To be honest, this little treat is more cute than delicious, but let's face it, it's just a treat to go with your "made-to-order" coffee.

I've bought these again since my first try.  Makes a good last minute gift or treat for your officemates.

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