Saturday, November 12, 2011

I've shared many lunches and dinners with my son at La Cocina.

So I'm over in VERY COLD Pullman this weekend visiting my son.  It's actually Dad's Weekend at Washington State University, but I only have one child, so try to stop me.  Don't worry WSU dads, I have no intention on ruining your fun! 

On to the food crisis...Not to be disrespectful, but there are very few places to get good food in Pullman.  So far we've found one Mexican place we like, a cute cafe, and the other eating is done in Moscow, ID.

Maybe by the time my son graduates, we'll find a "go-to" place for a quick bite in Pullman...doubtful.  For now, I want to share the "go-to" place I use to go to with my son.  La Cocina, located on the north end of Broadway.  Casual, nothing fancy, friendly, inxpensive, and the servers there have always been so nice and kind, even when my son was younger and a little messier.

OK, I have to be honest...for all the years I have been going ot La Cocina, I've never ordered off the menu.  There is a buffet there every day, is it there all day?  I have no idea, but there is always a buffet when I go there.  Alright, this place ain't nothin' special.  The chips are always warm and I think the salsas are all housemade.  Seriously, not going to be featured on any food shows soon, but I always go back AND I drag my son and husband everytime I can.  Ha, ha. 

Here's the deal.  There's always a table, the food is fine, cheap, and on a sunny day, GREAT PLACE TO PEOPLE WATCH!

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