Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Now's the time for 7UP Punch!

OK, so the 7UP booklet is one of my favorites.  I have tasted every PUNCH recipe in this book AND with every recipe there are some great memories.
The recipe featured on the cover is the 7UP Mint Reception Punch; sugar, water, mint, pineapple juice, orange juice, lemon juice, 7UP and ice.  Sound familiar?  Big punch bowl and the punch cups.  Thinking back, how was it that every party I attended that had a punch bowl, there were enough cups for everyone?  I have a big silver punch bowl, but I've never used it for punch, rather I use it as a fancy cooler filled with ice, champagne bottles and bottled water.

I am definitely making the 7UP Fall Punch for Thanksgiving.   Apple juice, cinnamon and clove...YUMMY.  I think I'll even pull the silver punch bowl out of storage!!!

Of course there is a Summer Punch and a Winter Punch.  I'll need to make those at another time.

So, this was published in 1962.  I wasn't even born yet.  What did party planners around the world do without 7UP punch?

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