Sunday, November 20, 2011


It's too cold and I am too lazy to leave the house this morning, but I still woke up to a perfectly toasted slice of Macrina bread with little pools of butter and my homemade jam and a cup of coffee from the French press.  Lucky for me, while I was at work yesterday, John picked up Sunday provisions at Whole Foods.  OK, so he didn't go to Macrina Bakery, but aren't you glad you can get Macrina products from the store?!? 
He also picked up Basque-style chorizo, which is now hanging with the pots and pans near the window, but that's a different story.

If you plan to venture out on this cold and foggy morning, take a trip to Macrina Bakery.  My favorite spot is probably still the one in Belltown, but the tiny space is always packed.  Good for Macrina, bad for me on a cold morning.  The location in SODO doesn't have as many seats, but it's less busy, Good Thing!  The coffee is always perfect and there are a few delicious choices for breakfast, brunch, or lunch, depending on when you get out of bed.
Grab the paper or your kindle and head down to Macrina, oh, there's also pleanty of parking.  Enjoy!!

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