Monday, June 11, 2012

the food matters project: braised chickpea fritters and vegetables

Photobucket So, I followed the recipe exactly... Photobucket but the chickpea fritters started disintegrating as soon as they hit the hot oil. What went wrong? Who knows. The good thing was that the sauce was great and I had chicken in the fridge as a back-up, so dinner wasn't ruined. For the recipe, click here and go to Mrs. Garlic Head 
To see if the other cooks at The Food Matters Project had any luck, lick here.
Good Luck!


  1. I am sorry the fritters did not turn out well for you. I baked mine, but found them to be a bit crumbly, too. I guess they need a bit of a binding agent mixed in, maybe an egg or a bit cornstarch.
    And I am glad that dinner wasn't ruined.

  2. Mine did the exact same thing! I then tried pan frying, but that didn't exactly work either. I wonder what it was? Glad you liked the sauce and veggies though!

  3. Sorry for the messiness. Great post, though.

  4. I was worried about how they would stay together so I went a different route.



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