Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ten in 2010: Fitness and Business Travel

My last meal: Splash, Bellevue Club
I will be spending 3 weeks away from home training for a new job. After spending most of the afternoon of Valentines Day travelling from Seattle, I landed in Fresno, CA. I have been living in a hotel studio with a kitchenette. Here's the summary of my week!

Sunday (Valentines Day): Resistance Training followed by a Ham & Gruyere Omelet
Travelled the rest of the day. I arrived around 6 pm. After settling in, around 8 pm, I went to the store to stock up on some healthy food to have on hand; Eggs, Spinach, Snap Peas, Lowfat Cheese, skim milk, nuts, salsa, low-fat deli meat.

Monday: Yoga - Stretch
I an so glad to have a kitchen. The Hotel "continental" consists of mostly muffins, pastries, plain bagels with butter, cream cheese and jelly, fresh fruit, boiled eggs (good choice), assorted cereals (some good ones), juices and coffee.
I made myself a cup of decaf coffee and fruit, and then made breakfast in my room; Scramble with spinach and cheese.
I work for a fine dining restaurant and meals are usually provided for staff. Chinese food was ordered in for lunch and for dinner I had an AWESOME dinner; gumbo (sans the rice) Sea Bass, creamed spinach, mashed potatoes, a couple bites of the dessert, and red wine - skipped the bread. OK, I don't eat like this at every dinner!

Tuesday: I finally made my way to the hotel gym...hmmm. Sad, there are 2 treadmills, one bicycle, and a stepper - not stat-of-the-art.
I'm pretty spoiled when it comes to gyms. I am a charter member of the Bellevue Club, where all the equipment is very current. Also, I was the Programs Director for the Seattle Athletic Club for a few years and the equipment there is VERY current and the trainer really push you when you're working out!
I tested out all he equipment and I think the bike will be my friend for the next 3 weeks! Fortunately, I brought a jump rope, Versa-Loop, and Versa-Tube, so I can get a little resistance training in while I am away from my own gym. I brought P90X dvd's, but if there is a dvd player in my room, I can't find it!
Oh, also,when I was flipping through the TV channels, I found 2 yoga classes that I can play on demand for free. Yippee! I usually like to take 2-3 Hot Vinyasa Yoga classes a week, so I'll follow these on TV and turn up the heat in my room.
My fitness program was 40 minutes Bike, Resistance Training (arms), and Yoga

Wednesday: 35 minutes Bike

Thursday: Rest
I was a little tired today and had a lot of work to do, so I couldn't bring myself to the gym.

Friday: 50 minutes Bike

Saturday: 45 minutes Resistance Training and Yoga

Overall, this week wasn't bad. I stayed away from the cookies and brownies available at staff meals and I'm not going to touch bread for a while. I am drinking a lot of water and staying away from caffeine and soda. The oranges are so GOOD here, just how I remember them when I first went to college in San Diego. I swear, oranges are so awful in Washington State. YUCK!
So, I treat myself with fresh oranges and sugar-free dark chocolate covered almonds....YUM!

I will try to do HOT YOGA at least 2 times a week while I am here and then go back to my classes when I get back home.


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