Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Orange Store, Fresno, CA

Greetings from Fresno, CA! The home of the best oranges on earth.

I have been here for the last 2 weeks on business and I just thought I'd share the wonderful things I've found. I have to admit, I went to college in San Diego, then later moved to San Francisco. Visited Lake Tahoe a few times and Monterrey and Half Moon Bay, but never visited Fresno.

Well, if you ever find yourself in this part of California, enjoy it. So far, I am really enjoying myself and have met some fantastic people!!! Not the biggest city I have ever stepped foot on, but who cares.

On a recent drive around town, I found The Orange Store. OK, don't get too excited, it's really just a fruit stand, but if you are from the land of apples, you will go nuts at this place. Fresh Navel Oranges, Tangerines, Blood Oranges, Meyer Lemons, and even their own honey.

Oh Fresno, I am going to miss your ORANGES when I leave!!!

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