Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blueacre Seafood

We wanted to check out who moved into the old Oceanaire and there it was, Blueacre Seafood on 7th and Olive. Still looks a lot like the old Oceanaire, but a little less formal. I like the feel of Blueacre Seafood, but I wish it was a little more casual. Hard to explain, especially in Seattle, where Casual is everywhere. Anyway, the atmosphere was not heavy like the old Oceanaire, but light and friendly. We had a great server. The chef took a stroll through the dining room and feels the same way about the clams as I do.
Manila Clams in Purgatory and New England Clam Chowder

We started with the Manila Clams in Purgatory, then John got the Blueacre House Salad and I chose the Clam Chowder. The clam chowder was fine, but let's focus on the Manila Clams in Purgatory. I could eat these clams every day and night. The clams are sauteed with toasted garlic, chorizo, Serrano chili and topped with a little orange zest and crispy basil. Is your mouth watering?
Texas Farm Raised Redfish on the 1/2 shell

What does that mean? I still don't understand the 1/2 shell part. This was a very meaty white fish with a lot of ocean flavor. Does that make sense? The fish was sauteed in olive oil with garlic, lemon and fresh herbs. Very simply prepared and delicious.
Trout with toasted garlic, potatoes, and Spanish Chorizo.
This has got to be the best trout I've had in a long while.
Crispy, a little spicy, and moist fish...YUM.
Fried Green Tomatoes with hot sweet mustard

I love the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" and every time I see the movie, I want Fried Green Tomatoes. Seriously! I am not from the south, and everyone I know from the south has never made Fried Green Tomatoes for me. OK, the expectations were high for these golden, fried little babies. Well, they're good, not bad, now I know.
Chocolate Pudding...not that simple.

Dark & Milk Chocolate with chocolate nib streusel. So rich and creamy.
Happy Ending to a big Fish Tail.
Blueacre on Urbanspoon

Blueacre on Urbanspoon

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