Monday, June 7, 2010

Don Pedros, Sayulita, Mexico

So, the other night I had a craving for pizza. Actually, when I started writing this blogpost, in bed, I had a cold piece of margherita pizza in my hand.
Well, the craving for pizza doesn't happen often, because, well, it's pizza. There are so many other food choices in the world and for some reason, PIZZA...really?The 3 P', pancetta, and prawns with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and a bit of fresh basil...mmmmmmmmmmm!
I haven't found this pizza anywhere but at Don Pedros in Sayulita, Mexico.
Not that prawns and pancetta are so unusual, but seafood on pizza, not so popular I guess. I'll usually order the clam pizza when I see it, but it's just what it is...right?

OK, here's the real reason the Prawn & Pancetta Pizza kicks ass at Don Pedros on the beach in Sayulita...where else can you have pizza and your date can call these guys over and have them sing "Besa Me Mucho" to you.

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