Friday, October 22, 2010

Chocolate Class at Oh Chocolate!

Have you been to Oh Chocolate! in the Bellevue Square Mall? You need to go...ADORABLE!

If you are lucky enough to attend one of their chocolate making classes, you are in for a BIG treat.

You're greeted with a yummy cup of hot chocolate, which is a cup of chocolate LOVE.

Everyone in the class gets a plate of chocolate. There was so much chocolate, I thought we were all suppose to share.
First taste, chocolate nibs. We need to rub these tiny pieces if cocoa between our hands to warm them up, then pop them in our mouthes. The recations were mixed. I loved the subtle taste of chocloate hidden in the ground up cooca beans. Very interesting.

The nibs, which do not have a big chocolate taste are often found in mole, good mole!

Chocolate Liquor. If there was a 100% cocoa in a bar, this would be close. Very little if any sugar. Not bitter, but a very strong taste of chocolate.
OK, do not mistake this for the disgusting, bitter bars we all know and have been using for years for brownies.
Milk Chocolate.
Cocoa Butter and White Chocolate Chips.

Chris was our tour guide through the world of chocolate. Chris is the grandson of the woman who started Oh Chocolate! A trained chef, Chris creates many of the new varieties of chocolates at Oh Chocolate!

Nick is Chris' brother another creative mind behind the new Oh Chocolate! flavors. I met Nick at the Taste of Bellevue, this past summer. The Oh Chocolate! booth was so popular, it was almost unfair to the other vendors.

I met up with Nick again at a recent Bellevue Collection breakfast meeting, Oh Chocolate! was being featured to all as a great example of a successful family run business.

After a little lesson in tempering the "hot" chocolate, we were all left to create whatever choclate YUMMIES we wanted.

So, I wasnt so creative, I was too busy eating everything I made.

I stopped myself from a chocolate coma and managed to make some chocolate treats for my husband. Who was the popular girl? Me.
Thank you Oh Chocolate! for offering Chocolate 101. I might have to take the class again.

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