Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fitness Goal: Week 2 Day 2

Exercise: Arm workout/ 5 minutes ROW/ 30 minutes BIKE/ steam

Breakfast: 12 raw almonds/ 1/2 cup raspberries/ water

Lunch: Mixed Vegetable with tofu and oystersauce/ 1/2 portion brown rice/3 bites phad thai/ crab rangoon/

Over the weekend, I bought squash blossoms at the Farmer's Market.  I wanted to try and make the sme appetizer I enjoyed at Mesa Grill with my cousin Melissa, her husband Toby, and my son Tyler.  I think I did it!  Unfortunately, this appetizer is not low fat.  However, I spent 2 hour in the kitchen making the appetizer and dinner, I wasn't going to go without trying.  I ask myself, is it possible to love to cook, work in the restaurant business, and lose weight?  I don't know.

Dinner:  Fried Squash Blossoms stuffed with ricotta, cotija, and roasted corn with roaste red pepper sauce/ roasted turkey/ mashed potatoes/ gravy/ stuffing/ wine/ 2 Panda cookies

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