Monday, August 19, 2013

A Tourist in NY: start at a Deli, end with Dessert

Champs Gourmet Deli on Urbanspoon photo utf-8BUmV1YmVuIFNhbmR3aWNoIGF0IGNoYW1wcy5qcGc_zps28b23111.jpgOn a recent visit to New York, my family and I had planned many days of "touristy" stuff and a lot of EATING!!! We were staying in a hotel on 57th and Lexington, so getting around was just a subway ride and a few steps away! One stop included a visit to Ground Zero. I didn't take any photos when I was there. I felt like I would be disrupting the calm that existed there at the time. Wow what an experience. We walked away with a little sadness, but a feeling of unity with all the people, from all over the world, who were there with us. We left Ground Zero and did a little touristy shopping, fun, but exhausting. Time for a quick lunch! We had planned for a lot of eating later that night, so a quick lunch was in order. We had many recommendations for New York Deli's, but we didn't want to take the time to look for places, when we didn't have much time. If you find yourself in the Financial District and you want a quick bite, check out Champs. It iChat be a chain, but it was just what we needed. Not the huge Carnegie Deli (which I've experienced in Las Vegas), but a normal sized sandwich with decent sides and friendly service. Good people watching too! We made a few stops, did a little more shopping, then head back to our hotel in time for Happy Hour!!!  photo photo_zps1b56b31b.jpg Geat place to take a break, refresh and jump start the New York Nightlife. I would've ordered a Manhattan, but the Spiced Apple on the cocktail menu, was calling me. A perfect mix of Apple bourbon, chardonnay, apple juice, cinnamon syrup, orange bitters, may sound a little Holiday, but I was on Holiday, so "Cheers!" Delicious!!! Opia on Urbanspoon So after more exploring, we head over to Monkey Bar for dinner. Loved it!!! You can't tell from the entry, but inside is so cool. I felt like I just entered old New York, yet the food was very old with a new twist. Make sense? We had some crazy throw back cocktails and started with Clams Casino. Our entrees were the Lamb, NY Strip Steak and I had the Steak Tartare, paired with Sishito Peppers and Field Mushrooms. Delicious!  photo utf-8BbW9ua2V5IGJhciBidWlsZCB5b3VyIG93biBzdW5kYWUuanBn_zps3cef26dd.jpg Dessert...Build your own Sundae and guess what? Mint Whoppers were on the sundae menu!!! Yay and YUM!!!Monkey Bar on Urbanspoon

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