Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bye Bye Brasa...We'll miss you!

I don't remember the first time I dines at Brasa, but it was oh so many years ago. The food was outstanding, creative and a dreamy mix of flavors. The service, not so good. It seems to me, that Brasa opened during a time that the economy was good and there were a million other restaurants sprouting out everywhere.

Even with all the choices in Seattle, we returned to Brasa many times. A little off the beaten path, I noticed that Brasa became the secret spot for many "hush-hush" meetings. The dim lighting made for a great hiding place for those who don't want to be seen...seriously.

OK, enough of my gossip spreading, but trust me, besides Canlis, I have never seen so much ...anyway...

My husband texted me yesterday that Brasa is closing. "What??" We were just there a couple weeks ago. If I knew then what I know now. We had just had a few yummy snacks at a private opening at Pintxo and headed over to Brasa for a lite dinner and some privacy.

Brasa was a little busy in the main dining room, but plenty of room in the bar. We sat at a nice quiet table by the window. I just love Brasa...the decor is beautiful. We ordered a couple cocktails and reviewed the menu. Since Brasa is closing, I won't go over the series of wierd stuff that happened while we were ordering...several items 86'd, the wierdest being "We have the lamb burger, but we have no buns". "What??" Anyway, my husband ordered the lamb burger, sans the bun, with a salad...delicious. I had originally wanted the octopus, but the server came back and said, "We're out". I ordered the clams, again, "Out". I finally settled for the Chorizo Pizza...YUM. We ordered a few other side stuff...delicious. By the way, the service was OUTSTANDING.

Alas, if the rumor is true, I am sad that Brasa is closing. Event with the quirky service, the food is and was always awesome. I hope the rumor is not true, if so, I hope they re-open somewhere.

Churros with chocolate...very happy ending!

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