Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Andy Jimmy!

Happy Birthday Andrew!!!
When we met, I hated him. Now he is not only my former business partner, personal advisor, eating buddy, but a great friend. Years ago we were partners in an event planning company and partners again in an organic baking company, Latch Key Kids.
Andrew celebrated his birthday with cupcakes and champagne.
Like the cotton candy...Cute idea, right?

OK, if you know Andrew, you know he can't do anything simple or small. How many different kinds of cupcakes would he have at his birthday...5. How many cupcakes? 150.

Old Fashion Chocolate with chocolate frosting.
Orange Cakes with rhubarb curd & buttercream frosting.
Ginger Cake with ginger cream frosting.
Almond Cake with almond cream, mascarpone, and white chocolate frosting.
The Gluten-free option: Angel food cake.

Andrew is also a dad. Here he is with Nadia.
So Sweet!!!
Happy Birthday my friend.
xoxo, G

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