Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bravo!!! Brave Horse Tavern

"Twenty-Four Taps, Housemade Pretzels, Shuffleboard"  What more do you need?  I didn't have big expectations for Brave Horse Tavern.  I mean really, taverns to me should be old, neighborhood places, where it sorta smells musty, but the beer is cold and the atmosphere is casual and lively.  A "new" tavern...whatever.  I have to say, although the Brave Horse Tavern is NEW, it has a very old feel AND I like it!!!
Beer on tap...only way to go!!!  You can order a Schooner, $4.00, Pint, $6.00, or Pitcher, $16.00.  Make sure you tell them what you want or  you're automatically getting a pint.  I wish they had a flight, I had such a hard time choosing from all the different beers.  They also have wine on tap, if you must, and a full bar.

There are handmade hearth roasted pretzels piled up as soon as you enter.  OK, had to have those for sure and glad we did.  YUMMY.  One of the best pretzels I've had in a long time.  Crusty, chewy, salty and soft all at the same time.  We ordered the two pretzels with pimento-cheddar dip, sour cream and crispy onion, and smoked peanut butter and bacon.  Interesting flavors.

 My new favorite ber snack, Crispy Pig Ears!!!  I am not kidding.  With so many places going crazy for pork rinds, it was cool to see pig ears on the menu.  Crispy, salty, delicious.  This might not be for everyone.  My husband tasted one and passed on seconds.  I didn't care, more for me.

I'll be back for you!!!

I wish I hadn't had such a big lunch, because after the pretzel, beer and pig ears, I was kinda full.  My husband ordered the Brave Horse Bratwurst, subbed the scallion mashed potatoes for fries.  The brat was served with a beer braised cabbage and pickled mustard seeds...I had a bit and loved it.  Not the usual sour cabbage, but a nice tasting condiment...mmmm!!!
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