Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Eastside Eats: Blue Martini VIP Opening Party

You may have A Blue Martini in your neighborhood, but the Blue Martini opened in February here in the Northwest.  I think they had 3 VIP Opening Parties and I went to one.  Funny place for Bellevue...there was a line outside and a guest list, cute bouncers and HOT cocktail servers who wear a blue bustier over their very visible black bras...trying to create a BUZZ, I guess.
OK, so cool space and they actually have a Blue (Agave) Martini!  I had to have it.

There is a "Bar Menu" with decent STUFF.  The menu was fine, kinda small.  Not a place you would go for a nice dinner.
I arrived first with my husband, who was STARVING!!!  We ordered the Shrimp Cocktail, Crab Cakes, and the Charcuterie Plate.  Everything was fine.  We'd probably order those items again.  Nothing else stood out.

My sister joined us later.  I made her order the Blue Agave Martini too...YUMMY!!!  We checked the place out...LIVE music, beautiful people, attendant in the Ladies Room and did I say LIVE music.

I just RSVP'd to another VIP Event at Blue Martini and I can't wait!!!  Cheers!!!
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