Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Risking our lives for a doughnut?#$@*&%$!!!"

Well that's what we said when we were safe in our downtown Portland hotel room.  So let me back up... on a recent "Girl's Weekend" in Portland where my lovely niece, Chelsea, was competing in a cheerleading competition, we made sure to allow plenty of time to check out Portland.  My sister, Cindi, kept reminding us of a sale at Macy's, but all I had on my mind was the Maple Bar with Bacon at Voodoo Doughnut.  OK, it seems every douhgnut shop has their own version of the maple bar with the beloved BACON, however, after the 2008 Obama win, when I was in Portland with my husband, it was so rainy I wasn't in the mood to go to Voodoo for a damn doughnut.  So 4 years later, here we are again!

Voodoo Doughnuts is open 24 hours, but for many of those hours, day and night, there is a line.  So we went to the Saturday Market and bought Rouge Brewery Bacon Maple Beer instead.  Seriously!  FYI - the guy who sold it to us said, "Make sure you don't drink that if you are vegan, there's real bacon in the beer" 
Ha, ha!!!  Did I mention the line was long at Voodoo Doughnut...  Some people weren't too happy.

OK, after a full day of Portland followed by a lovely Dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House in downtown Portland, we got on the train and head to Voodoo Doughnut again...at NIGHT!!!  By day, the Skidmore STOP near Chinatown is full of people, totally safe.  By night, totally desserted and sketchy.  Thus my sister's statement, "Risking our lives for a doughnut!"
Well, after standing in line twice in one day, I didn't take too much time picking out my doughnuts...so, we all ordered ones that looked good and the baker's dozen. 
"V" for Voodoo!
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  1. Would it be weird if I flew all the way to portland for these donuts? They definitely sound life-risking-worthy.

  2. My kids would go nuts over these!! How fun!

  3. Can you box and send me these donuts. Please. Right now ;)

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