Sunday, January 16, 2011

Brew, brew...Microbrews!

Fun times at Nimbus Brewing Company. I love a good microbrew.  I really enjoyed the first brewery I went to in Tucson, Barrio, I REALLY like Nimbus.  I wish I hadn't been on the way to the airport, but, now I'll have to get to Tucson again soon!!!

That's's a bigg ass mug.
  Nimbus was in kind of a weird place...out-of-the-way place.  Well, who cares.  Nimbus is a cool venue, big, looks rustic like it's been there since the Wild West, yet with the last remodel they added cool industrial and a touch of Planet of the Apes.  I don't expect you to get my visual.  Anyway...the beer at Nimbus is delish-ie!!!
 Pool tables are definitely a plus, the artwork on the walls...interesting,
 Cold Beer.  Nuf said.
I couldn't decide, so I got the sampler.  I don't know why I always do this, because I know I won't like the dark stuff...Porters...YUCK.  I try to like them, but no.  Everything else at Nimbus...YUMMY!
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