Monday, January 10, 2011

The long road to Cougar Country

So no more visits to warm University of Arizona, my son transferred to Washington State University...brrr!  Ty flew into Pullman earlier in the week.  John & I decided to take a road trip and visit. 

Gas up and get coffee, it's a long drive.

After a few hours, the coffee we had at home was beginning to wear out.  The only place we could find was McDonald's...don't laugh.  John got the Iced Mocha and I had the Iced Latte.  The Mocha tasted like a coffee shake and my iced latte, boring.  I forgot to ask for sugar.  Oh well, it's caffeine.
So we got ICED coffee drinks.  Um, is that snow on the ground?  Yikes!
So, we drove for a few more hours.  Not a bad drive.

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  1. Hi there,

    I found this post via Google Image search - I'm a WSU grad who was reminiscing about my time in Pullman. I love your pictures, especially the GO COUGS barn. That thing always greeted us on drives back from Seattle, including after we'd been over there competing against Washington (I was on the swim team).

    Anyway, thanks for the awesome memories. I hope WSU is treating your son well :)





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