Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 7 - End of 1st week

So I need to make up for bad behavior.  I decided to run 5k today.  I need to prepare myself for the St. Paddy's Day Dash.  I am running with my cousin Justin.  I ran, but had to walk a little at 1.5 miles, then pretty much ran the rest.  I didn't run that fast, at this point, I just wanted to have a starting point.

B: 1/2 Luna Protein bar/(1-water)
Cardio: run 5k
S: coffee vanilla via w/cream
Watching the Seahawks game...I hope this doesn't lead to emotional eating!!!
L:arroz caldo/(1-water)
OK, why am I eating arroz caldo everyday?  I like it.  Also, when you make arroz caldo, 1 cup of rice makes gallons of arroz caldo.  John doesn't eat it.  Not that he doesn't like it, well, maybe he doesn't like it, but it's not his thing.
S: handful of raisinettes
D: vegetable curry/ 1/2cup basmati rice/ 1/2 naan/ (1-water)
John saw the America's Test Kitchen episode where they made vegetarian vegetable curry, so he (and I) made it for dinner.  I'll post the recipe later, if he sends it to me.  It was really good. 

Vitamin: Multi & vit D

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