Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cafe Moro

Right when I was about to brand Pullman as a "no character" college town, I found Cafe Moro.

I had the same snobby attitude towards Pullman as I did many years ago when I was a student at University of San Diego.  "This place" I thought, "is no city!"  Many years ago when Starbucks wasn't an overcommercialized, retail coffee chain, I use to brag to my friends in college about the cool coffee places in Seattle.  I was talking about places like B&O Espresso and the Starbucks in the market.

These days, Starbucks is never my first choice, unless I am in a rush, need one of their overpriced snacks or don't have a choice.  I prefer the cafes that don't feel like McDonalds.  B&O Espresso however, I still love, these days mostly for their desserts...YUMMY!
Cafe Cubano: Espresso, caramelized sugar and steamed milk
Anyway, Cafe Moro has that real cafe feel, toasty smell of coffee and a random selection of sweets, that aren't really the focus.  The barista WAS a real barista, not a button pusher, you know what I mean?  The layout was a little wierd and divided, but I loved it.  I think it's great that Cafe Moro was able to take a chopped up space and make it a great place for conversation, reading, people watching, or just sitting.  It reminded me of the days when I lived in Lower Haight in San Francisco.
I can't wait fo the next visit to Pullman.

Flyboy: Chai, espresso, vanilla and steamed milk
I kissed my cup "Hello" and "Goodbye" until next time!

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