Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 3 - What...not a snow day???

 Last night there was suppose to be snow.  Well, a little came down, but by morning, nothing but SLUSH.  I was really hoping the road would be so bad that I could sleep in and skip the gym.

CARDIO: 40 Arc Trainer (3-water)/decaf coffee w/half&half
B: Kashi Heart to Heart cereal/ handful raspberries/ whole milk/ chamomile tea
S: 10 almonds/16 pistachios/ (1-water)
L: Chicken Caesar Salad/Pelegrino Water/Bread wit BBQ Butter/2 slices ahi tuna
S: 1 square lindt chocolate
D: Roast chicken/couscous&goat cheese salad/pita/tzatziki
S: toffee peanut

By the way, to keep me honest, I have asked my co-worker, Neil, who is also a personal trainer, to check my food/exercise log.

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