Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winger's...a little game watchin' in Moscow

 I'm not gonna lie, I am not a fan of "sports viewing" establishments.  I am not a football fan, but I always like a good Super Bowl party...for the trashy food!  OK, our beloved Seahawks were playing the Saints for a spot in the playoffs, I think.  Whatever!  We were visiting our son at WSU and HAD TO WATCH THE GAME!!!  Destination: Winger's in Moscow, Idaho.
 A couple good things: Winger's had their own microbrew (thumbs up), several plasmas, trashy food!!!
 I have to say, "Not Bad".  My beer was freezing cold and they bring popcorn to the table...good idea!  Also, there is a little galvanized tub on the table.  Ice bucket?  No, garbage can.  Isn't that funny?
I didn't even bother trying to get something healthy, so I ordered the Wings and Things Sampler.  Why not?  OK, the wings were fine - a little too sweet & sticky for me, loaded potatoes, and Stick Fingers - breaded chicken strips.  I have a feeling the chicken was frozen processed stuff, but I could be wrong.  The potatoes were fine.  I kinda didn't care that I didn't care for the food...we were there to watch the game.

Good place to watch a game.  The service was pretty good.  The crowd was rowdy, just the way it should be.  Trash talking...YES.  If you happen to be in The Palouse and need good cold beer and a place to watch the game, Wingers.
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