Friday, July 13, 2012

FFWD: Corn Pancakes

Photobucket OK, I am catching up with this recipe and making the Blueberry Mascarpone Roulade from Dorie Greenspan's Around My French Table, tomorrow for our Bastille Day dinner. I loved these little corn pancakes!!! My son and I made corn pancakes and sour cream-chive sauce, to go with the pork ribs my husband took 2.5 hours to grill. Worth the wait for this dinner. We started making tiny tacos with the pancakes adding bits of pork and BBQ sauce...mmmmmmmmmm! The corn pancakes come together very quickly in the blender and fry up in no time. I'm thinking I might make these in place of latkes during the holidays. To check out other versions of this recipe, go to


  1. Glad you were able to make these corn pancakes. They look tasty!

  2. Gracie. beautiful job - what a delicious idea to serve the corn pancakes with a sour cream chive sauce and pork ribs, it all sounds delicious!

    Have a wonderful weekend (and Bastille Day with that Blueberry Roulade)!

  3. These pancakes look pretty good. Hope you had fun on Bastille Day.

  4. I loved these, too! This was worth backtracking for :)

  5. Love the tiny taco idea - sounds perfect with the sour cream sauce and bits of pork!



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