Monday, July 2, 2012

the food matters project: "whoops" fig, blue cheese and pecan crostini

Photobucket So, I was suppose to make one of the "updated" tea sandwich recipes, but I went one page too far and made the Pear "crostini" with spiced pecans and blue cheese. I replaced the pear for fig and made both spiced and plain pecans. Oh well...this paired nicely with a cold Riesling. For the tea sandwich recipes, go to To check out other variations of the updated tea sandwiches, go to


  1. Gracie, I love how simply delicious this is. Perfect non heavy and super healthy summer appetizers.

  2. My neighbors have three fig trees. They've already had a first crop and we just ate those until we were figged-out. The next crop will be ripe by the end of August and, besides jam, I am going to use a few to try this little delicacy. I assume it was a Mark Bittman recipe. Love him.



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