Tuesday, July 3, 2012

TWD : Biscotti

Photobucket My first ever baking biscotti. I had always heard it was easy, now I know. Thanks to Tuesdays with Dorie, I opened my Baking with Julia cookbook and finally after many years tried the Hazelnut Biscotti recipe. OK, I swapped out the Hazelnut for almonds, I just prefer almonds. YUM! Photobucket For the recipe, you can borrow my cookbook or go to http://www.bakingandboys.com/2012/07/twdbaking-with-juliahazelnut-biscotti.html or http://homemadeandwholesome.wordpress.com/2012/07/03/hazelnut-biscotti-twd/ and to check out the other Doristas, go to http://tuesdayswithdorie.wordpress.com/2012/07/02/lyl-hazelnut-biscotti/ Have fun baking!!! xoxo


  1. Gracie. beautifully looking Almond Biscotti! I used almonds instead of the hazelnuts too - wonderful recipe and so glad you liked them too!

  2. I like your photos. Looks like your biscotti came out wonderfully!

  3. So cute of you to borrow the book...Please make sure you get it back for the Semolina Bread :-)
    I made one with hazelnuts, one with almonds and one with hazelnut-almond-raisin = triple batch!
    Delicious Biscotti!

  4. So you're a first-timer, Gracie, I am so glad your Almond Biscotti was a success. My daughter helped me and I think when we re-baked them, we should have pulled them out after 10 minutes. Yours look lighter than ours. I like this basic recipe, don't you. Nice job.

  5. Very nice :-)
    I think almonds were a pretty popular choice for this one - you were in good company.



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