Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eastside Eats: Le Grand Bistro Americain

So I loved this place the first time I ate there, great location.  The second visit, was fine.  The food is fine, the tap water is horrible, so order a bottle of Evian, the prices are reasonable, but the service was a miss and the space was not quite what I wanted in the cold winter.  Don't get me wrong, I'll keep coming back here.  Good Menu.  The Charcuterie Plate is a must have with one of the interesting cocktails.  YUMMY!

The steak tartare was quite good.  Huge portion, way too much, but very good.  I had the vegetarian entree.  Four years of French in high school and I couldn't figure out that my entree was potatoes au gratin with a side salad.  Good, but not what I wanted.  John had the Trout Almondine...delicious.  On a recent visit I had the Onion Soup, salad and a pichet of their french wine...PERFECT!
I don't think Le Grand will be a special occation eatery for me, but more a good choice for a weekday dinner and when the weather gets better, it'll be great to try out all the other creative cocktails.  I can't wait to eat at Le Grand this summer!!!Le Grand Bistro Americain on Urbanspoon

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