Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mt. Bachelor, Bend, OR

I can never take a picture of myself, but I try to do it all the time, mostly to irritate my husband.  Out-of-focus, but who cares.  Anyway when we were at Mt. Bachelor, we spent most of the morning cross country skiing. I wore my heart rate monitor.  burned 1250 calories...whoo-hoo!  It was a beautiful sunny day and we spent most of our time climbing and sprinting, great workout.
 You'd think that after burning so many calories, I might want to eat something healthy...hell NO!!!
 I went straight for the chili dog with everything!!!
 Um, I didn't know there was a healthy option in the ski shack...seriously.  John ordered the very healthy vegetarian wrap with black beans.  I'm sure it was delicious!!! 

I was exhausted by the time we hit the pub.  OK, the pub was PACKED!!!  There were great local beers on tap and the one "Coors Light".  Fun, fun, FUN. 

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