Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sweet Treats: Top Pot Doughnuts

 What's in the bag? 
The winner of the Super Bowl 2011!!!
 So, Top Pot Doughnuts came up with the clever idea to make Steelers and Packers doughnuts. 
Like they needed help getting more people to come in on a Sunday.
 OK, this isn't the first time I've been to Top Pot Doughnuts, but I don't go there often.  If I did, I would be the size of Cowboys Stadium!!!  I didn't get the usual dozen at this visit, just 2 cake doughnuts with sprinkles,
Packers and Steelers.

 The cake doughnut isn't my first choice, but I'll eat any doughnut with frosting and sprinkles.  If you haven't had a doughnut at Top Pot, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???
I have to admit, I am glad I spent at least a half an hour on the rowing machine this morning, or I would have BIG guilt right now for having a doughnut.  By the way, I split both doughnuts with my husband.  We don't care who wins the Super Bowl, but we didn't want to jinx either teams.
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