Thursday, February 24, 2011

I love a good SNOW DAY!

It doesn't always rain in the Northwest.  Sometimes we are lucky to have a SNOW DAY.  The fiunny thing is, we never really know when they are coming and we're never ready to handle them.  For the last 2 days the Northwest has been under a "Winter Storm Alert"...joke.  I sat at my desk for 2 days looking for a single snow flake...nada.  Until last night!!!  Whoo-Hoo

Too much snow on the roads to drive, so I worked from home and admired the beautiful snow from my warm house.  The snow is begining to melt and everytime it falls from the trees, I think it's snowing again.  "They" say we aren't getting anymore snow, but it's VERY cold outside.  I will admire the snow from inside.

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